Operating from our headquarters in Nova Scotia, we focus on a values-based, ethical approach of creating platform to allow investment in key sectors with demonstrable scale potential, profitable returns and sustainable growth. Our investment model aims to above all, generate wealth that contributes to economic development between Canada and Africa. We recognize that successful ventures are often a result of the convergence of complementary elements, due diligence and local know-how. With our extensive network of relationships and contacts globally, we are equipped to identify solid investment opportunities across both private and public sectors. This is augmented with in-depth research, expert analysis and specialist knowledge needed to foster Trade and Investment opportunities for our clients.

Our Services


ACTIV partners with designated Government agencies, in the capacity of consultants, to organise in-country trade missions across Africa and Canada. Our trade missions are designed to connect stakeholders seeking Trade and Investment opportunities across both regions, and create long term, sustainable relationships amongst stakeholders. For upcoming trade missions, check our news section updates.


ACTIV partners with Government agencies to host face to face trade summits in both Africa and Canada. These events are designed to facilitate relationship building, trade and investment discussions and for businesses in both regions to showcase their products and services, as well as give access to a range of speakers from the public sector.


ACTIV Consultants are equipped to provide advisory services to clients looking for trade opportunities between Canada and Africa. We also connect suppliers and distributors in both regions acting as intermediaries to ensure stakeholders conduct seamless business transactions


ACTIV partners with our various Technical and training partners to conduct a wide range of training ranging from Management, Security, Policy to profession specific training. We have successfully delivered training in the UK, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Sweden and South Asia. Contact any of our advisors to discuss specific training requirements.

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